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We are your trusted and one-stop communication solutions and services partner. Our solutions and services connect you to work and play - and also securing your connections.

Do what you do best - focus on your business. We enable your data to flow seamlessly, wired or wirelessly, so that you can access your information where you want it, when you want it.

Making calls or surfing the mobile web in buildings or underground? You have experienced our work. You can also experience our accomplishment in enterprises, public transport, shopping malls or schools.

Headquartered in Singapore, ROOTS has a subsidiary in Malaysia and sales representative in Bangladesh.

ROOTS works with leading technology providers to help you achieve your Communications Needs. See who are our technology partners here.


Innovations • Solutions

Our mission is to deliver communication solutions to where it matters by working with best-in-class vendors and developing our people to their full potential to empower them to be innovative.


Founded in 1997 in Singapore, ROOTS Communications began as wireless engineering services provider- delivering RF coverage enhancement & consultancy.

Our success stems from many years of excellent contribution in telecommunications industry— playing a vital role in the development of telecommunication industry in the late 1990s.


"We are committed to inculcate a quality culture that underlines every aspect of our company operations and extends its benefits to our customer by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations."


ISO 45001:2018 Certification -
Ensuring quality

ROOTS is ISO 45001:2018 certified for its Quality Management System and plates keen emphasis on quality customer service, support and efficiency

Our continuous ISO 45001:2018 certification demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality product and level of services.

SS 506 - Singapore Standard on Occupational Safety and Health Management

ROOTS is certified with the SS 506 standards, which emphasize on practices which are proactive and preventive rather than reactionary.

Thus improving occupational health and safety conditions in the workplaces.

EPPU Supplier – S10 grading (highest level) for EPU/CMP/10 - Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services

ROOTS is registered with EPPU(Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit). EPPU evaluates whether suppliers of goods and services have sufficient financial resources to undertake Government contracts.

Currently graded in the following workheads:

  1. EPU/CNE/10 - Communication and Navigation Systems
  2. EPU/CMP/10 - Computer Related Hardware, Software, and Services
  3. EPU/ECS/10 - Electrical Components
  4. EPU/LTE/10 - Laboratory Testing And Survey Equipment

BizSAFE Star – Ensuring safety

At ROOTS, we emphasize on ensuring safety and health of our employees.

Safety is everyone's business and ROOTS is committed on how safe practices should be implemented, practised, documented and improved on a continuing basis.

BCA Workheads – L6 grading (unlimited tendering limit) for ME04: Communication & Security System

ROOTS is a registered contractor of the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore.

Currently graded in the following workheads:

  1. L6 in ME04 (Communication & Security Systems)
  2. C3 in CW01 (General Building)
  3. Class 1 in GB1 (General Builder)

Communications Pte Ltd

3 Kallang Sector,
#04-06,Singapore 349278

T+65 6283 8500
F+65 6283 8516

Communications Sdn Bhd

E-3-23A, IOI Boulevard Jalan Kenari 5, Bandar Puchong Jaya,47170 Puchong, Selangor

T+60 (3) 8075 0597
F+60 (3) 8075 0598

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