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Cambium Networks - Wireless Connectivity from 2 meters to 245 kilometers

Wireless Connectivity From 2 meters to 245 kilometers.

ROOTS Communications is proud to partner with Cambium Networks,  a leading manufacturer of fixed broadband wireless equipment for indoor and outdoor applications, with millions of radios installed throughout the world.

From the early days of Motorola Canopy PMP and Orthogon PTP, ROOTS has been the distributor and solution provider for wireless networking products. From 2 meters to 245 kilometers, we got you connected.

Cambium Networks products for wide range of industries from WISP to Solution Integrators

One Point. Many Possibilities.

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Cambium Networks Product Portfolio

With a portfolio of solutions to choose from, network designers and resellers can choose the solutions that best meet regulatory requirements, operating environment, performance needs and budget. 

Cambium PMP Access Solutions


Point to Multipoint (PMP) distribution and access solutions provide high-speed wireless broadband service for many appliations that include data and file transfer, voice, streaming video, and video surveillance. 

Featured Products

ePMP 2000 Cambium Networks

ePMP™ 2000 – Peak Performance
in Noisy Environment
  • Smart Beamforming and Intelligent Filtering to minimize interference

  • Frequency reuse enabled by GPS Synchronization to increase reliability

Download ePMP 2000 Spec Sheet

Cambium PMP450

PMP 450i – Powerful &
Scalable Connectivity
  • 900 MHz, 2.4, 3, 5 GHz & throughput up to 200+ Mbps

  • Latency 3-5 msec & GPS Synchronization for scalability

Download PMP 450 spec sheet


Cambium backhaul solutions


Point-to-Point (PTP) solutions are deployed worldwide, serving highly critical applications in demanding environments. Our PTP series is the right choice when you need a network you can depend on.

Featured Products

PTP450 Cambium

PTP 450i – Optimized for Rate,
Reach & Reliability
  • 450i boasts triple the power and range of a 450 product

  • Throughput up to 125 Mbps, IP-66/67 enclosure and multifunction AUX port 

Download PTP 450i spec sheet

New Cambium Networks PTP 670

PTP 670 – Point-to-Point and High Capacity Multipoint
  • 4.9 GHz to 6.05 GHz & up to 450 Mbps aggregate throughput

  • High-Capacity Multipoint (HCMP) applications up to 8 nodes

Download PTP 650 spec sheet


Cambium WiFi solutions


Secure, scalable, cloud-managed cnPilot for home, business, and both indoor and outdoor WiFi network applications. Manage and diagnose your network from anywhere with cnMaestro™ .

Featured Products

cnPilotâ„¢ E410

cnPilot™ E410 Indoor AP (NEW!)
802.11ac Wave 2 Performance
  • Managed by Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud  or On-premises controller

  • Compact, low profile, Multi-user MIMO beamforming serving ~256 clients

Download cnPilot E400 spec sheet

cnPilot e501S New Outdoor Access Point

cnPilot™ E501S Enterprise (NEW!)
Outdoor Access Point
  • IP67 rated with Gore vent to withstand demanding environments

  • Mesh networks capability with wireless backhaul integration, serving ~256 clients

Download cnPilot E500 outdoor access point spec sheet


Manage your wireless broadband network from the Cloud

Monitor | Configure | Optimize | Manage | Report

cnMaestro cloud based network management system

cnMaestroTM – Managing it all

cnMaestro is a full-featured network management system. The features will continue to be enhanced and extended over upcoming releases. The functionality in cnMaestro includes the following

  • Full Visibility Across the Network – manage an entire network, including backhaul point-to-point (PTP) links, point-to-multipoint (PMP) access and WiFi
  • Client End-to-End Wireless Troubleshooting – view entire chain of network nodes under management with problem areas highlighted
  • Device Inventory – access your devices at the system level, or by network, tower, or sector
  • Template-Based Configuration – push configuration to single devices or to groups of ePMP and PMP devices across your network
  • Zero Touch Onboarding – preconfigure supported Cambium devices so they will be automatically on-boarded when provided with network connectivity

Experience the true network management experience here.



Wifi Solution for Dunman High School Singapore

Stable Connectivity Empowering Education

Read more on how we  used Cambium Networks’ cnPilot WiFi technology to design a system to fulfill the school’s high-capacity needs while saving about 20% on the cost of equipment when compared with other WiFi access points.

Read more about school success story

Wireless video surveillance  case study

Protecting the City
and the Budget

Field performance is outstanding. Cameras are able to consistently provide 6 Mbps streaming upload capability across the network.  Round trip latency is consistently between 10-15 ms, delivering HD video quality.

Read more about wireless video surveillance

ePMP Casestudy

Boast ROI & Grow Subscribers Base

Silo Wireless, a broadband service provider, need to keep adding new residential subscribers and expand its reach to business enterprises. Cambium’s ePMP & PMP 450 equipment solved their problem.

Read more about success story in ISP industry




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  • Learn about latest technology in wireless broadband connectivity from anwhere you are. Recordings of webinars are available for replay on the Community. Check here for the latest webinars.


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