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There is now a good choice of radio coverage technology available to boost cellular coverage and capacity indoors. Modern building materials and design can drastically block RF signals — one of the many factors in choosing the right technology.

We help you choose the right technology — giving you the best of both worlds in savings and performance. And because every site installation is different - you can depend on our rich history in in-building coverage deployment.

For any coverage size - from tunnel to stadiums

DAS/BDA Solution

  • Passive DAS design uses coaxial cable, antenna, splitters and BTS (base transceiver station) or BDA (Bi-directional amplifier) equipment
  • Active DAS design distribute the signal using managed hubs, remote access units (RAUs) and standard cabling
  • Hybrid DAS design is a combination of passive design (coax) with vertical optical links (fiber) for distributing the signals
  • BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) system brings wireless signals into a structure from outside, amplifies those signals with a signal booster and then evenly distributes the amplified signals throughout a structure via DAS

Multi-standard networks

  • Multi-technology expertise in 2G, 3G, LTE, TETRA, public safety
  • Single-operator or multi-operator
  • Single or multi-standard band technologies
  • Support MIMO or SISO configurations
  • Support PMR/DMR



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