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Deliver Interoperable Layer 1, 2, 3 Solutions

Seamless Migration Path to Network Virtualization & Software-Defined Networks

Deliver network functions in different form factors or packages: as virtual network functions (VNFs) on their own or on white-box CPEs or via NETCONF or CLI on traditional multi-service access platformS. 

You can select and combine these network functions in an open and flexible manner – achieving both cost saving and performance at the same time.

Who is Ekinops?

A leading provider of open and fully interoperable Layer 1, 2 and 3 solutions to service providers around the world. Their programmable and highly scalable solutions enable the fast, flexible and cost-effective deployment of new services for both high-speed, high-capacity optical transport as well as virtualization-enabled managed enterprise services.

What does Ekinops offer?

  • WDM Solutions

  • Ethernet Access Devices

  • Data & Voice routers

  • uCPEs Virtual Network Functions

What differentiates Ekinops with others?

  1. Field proven & high performance products leading to lower TCOs

  2. One OS across product range for ease of maintenance & much lower learning curve

  3. Accelerated migration to NFV (Network Function Virtualization)/SDN (Software-Defined Network)

SMB/Multi-Site Enterprise/High Speed Branch



Ultra-compact, high-performance Gigabit router designed to serve from medium businesses to small headquarters, powered by multi-core forwarding.

  • Up to 500 Mbps symmetrical services with advanced, concurrent IPv4/IPv6 services, such as QoS, Zone-Based Firewall and Deep Packet Inspection
  • Ethernet OAM for Carrier Ethernet services
  • Reliable hardware: compact electronic design, no fan
  • Optional eSBC license
  • Enterprise-class security with VPN and VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding)

 Distributed enterprise/Small datacenters



High-performance Gigabit router designed for headquarters, the distributed enterprise and small datacenters.

  • Distributed control and forwarding planes for rich, concurrent services
  • Up to 1 Gbps symmetrical services with advanced, concurrent IPv4/IPv6 services
  • High scalability for thousands of users and remote locations
  • Carrier-grade hardware reliability (redundant, hot-swappable fans and power supplies, ECC RAM to protect data integrity)

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