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Long Range PoE Switch for IP Based Solutions

Long range & Uninterrupted PoE Solution for PoE-enabled Devices.

There will network deployments requiring longer PoE cabling distances than the standard distance of 100m.

Our long range PoE switches can allow you to extend a PoE signal for up 250 meters – with ease and reliablity.

Ideal for use in access point, VoIP phone, and IP camera applications.

Long range poe solution by Witek

WI-Tek Long-Range CCTV PoE with exclusive patent network extension technology, combined with common existing twisted pair, can achieve 250 meters data transmission.



8FE+2GE Ports 48V Long Range PoE Switch with 8-Port PoE

  • 8 FE+2 GE Ports with 8 PoE ports,2 Gigabit Up-link Ports
  • Port 1 supports 802.3bt 60W Hi PoE
  • Supports PoE power up to 30W for Port 2-8
  • Supports PoE IEEE 802.3af/at/bt compliant PDs
  • Internal power adapter supply 120W output power
  • Support Port VLAN(Port isolation)
  • LED indicators for LINK/ACT, Power, PoE Status, 100Mbps,1000Mbps
  • 4K entry MAC address table with auto-learning and auto-aging

Other models available.


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