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High performance computing (HPC) capability is now within reach for more applications than ever before. We partner with leading HPC vendors to bring accessible and affordable HPC solution to you. Work with us today to solve challenging computational and data intensive tasks.

High Performance Computing Server & Solution

GPU Server

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Our Recent Deployment


GPU Server for Local higher learning institute

With GPUs, parallel algorithms can often achieve up to 10 times speed over similar CPU algorithms, which accelerates data processing.

The higher learning institute utilized centralized and distributed approaches in the use of High Performance Computing (HPC) – some departments access directly this HPC resource while distributing some of the HPC services to other part of campus.

Applications of HPC includes:

  • HPC Cluster for on demand storage
  • Coding, Modelling & Optimization Support
  • Accleration of Computational Science & Engineering Software
  • Data Analytics & AI Computing Platform

High Performance Computing Server



I610-G30 – 1U Two-way Server

Powerful IO Expanding Capacity

  • Up to five PCIe extensions
  • 8 hot swap hard disk expansion

Multiple Options of Memory Interface

  • SATA, SAS, M.2, U.2 and Micro SD card

Excellent Heat Dissipation Design

  • Stable operation between 5-40℃
  • PID refined stepless speed regulation
  • Real-time and accurate temperature control of board card

Intelligent Power Management

  • High energy efficiency power module made in platinum
  • Power consumption capping technology


H620-G30 – 2U 2-Way Rack Server

  • Up to 64 compute cores and 128 threads can be supported, which can increase the number of VDI instances
  • Supports 32 DDR4 memory, memory speed up to 2666MT/s, memory capacity can be expanded to 4TB
  • Expand 10 PCIe slots to meet a variety of network needs, such as 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, and expand server capacity without gradually adding PCIe switching capabilities
  • Supports up to 24 SAS-SATA HDDs, and rear support for two 2.5-inch hard drives for rich storage performance

GPU Server


Next Generation XMachine GPU Server -X795-G30 / X785-G30 / X745-G3

  • 2U/4U
  • Intel Skylake/Cascade CPU, AMD EYPC
  • DDR4 2666 DIMMs
  • 4/8/20 Nvidia NVLink GPU,MLU
  • 4 x 2000W Platinum redundant power supply (2+2)


Work Station


W760-G30 – 2U Work Station

New processor architecture

  • Cloud Map 3.0 uses Intel Scalable Architecture Processor to provide up to 2*28 physical cores of powerful processing resources.

Powerful image processing performance

  • Up to 64 H.264/H.265 codecs for 1080P video in real time.

Extensive scalability

  • Scalable 2 full-size GPUs or 3 half-height GPUs. Multiple PCIE support at the same time


W560-G30 / W360-G30

  • Designed with Intel Purley platform architecture, it offers the richest display and IO extensions ever
  • Support dual-engine Intel Xeon from Bronze to Platinum full range of processors
  • Supports up to 4 new Pascal graphics expansions, making it more complex and more component design and display

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